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Glide Magazine Interview: Andy Summers – The Police to Circa Zero

22 Mar 2014

Glide Magazine Interview: Andy Summers – The Police to Circa Zero


“I’m a little bit shell-shocked today,” guitarist Andy Summers said with a laugh a few weeks ago when I called him for an afternoon interview. “We’ve been making this insane video till after midnight last night where we were throwing paint all over each other. That was intense. And we did that time and time again. And every time they said it was a perfect take, we did it again.”

It’s been a hair over thirty years since the release of Synchronicity, The Police’s final studio album, so why is Summers spending his evening hours making a music video? Does he have something up his musical sleeve? The answer is yes, he does. After spending the majority of his post-Police years composing primarily instrumental music for solo albums and movie soundtracks, collaborating with peers such as King Crimson’s Robert Fripp, writing his autobiography and focusing on his photography, Summers has hopped back on the rock & roll train with his new band, Circa Zero. With their debut album, Circus Hero, releasing next week on March 25th, Summers is ready for another, albeit less chaotic, adventure.

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